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InfoQ Homepage News Typemock Isolator++ Updated with 64 bit Support

Typemock Isolator++ Updated with 64 bit Support

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Typemock has released Isolator++ with support for 64 bit C/C++ code written for Windows platforms in addition to that of legacy code that was not originally written for testing. It also enables you to make use of macros to change the behavior of methods under test.

Isolator++, which is the mocking framework for C/C++ also enables developers to assert method calls and parameters on dependencies including a mechanism to mock the functions and simulate returning values by reference. It integrates with tools such as AQTime, SoftwareVerify and BullsEye and is compatible test runner frameworks such as CppUnit, UnitTest++ and GoogleTest Boost.

InfoQ had an interaction with Gil Zilberfeld, Product Manager, TypeMock to know more about the usefulness of the latest update

What kind of benefit does 64 bit support provide to developers? Is there any real significance?

Some developers work in 64 bit environment exclusively. That requires them to test in 32 bit environment. Testing in 32 bit does not provide the "real" behaviour of the system, and therefore there's a lack of trust whether they reflect the real conditions. Now that Isolator supports 64 bit, tests can run as they would in the same production environment. With this gained trust, there's no second guessing whether the tests represent reality, or just partially. Developers can now refactor their code, with tests around them, knowing everything still works in the native 64 bit.

What are the features of Typemock Isolator++?

Typemock Isolator++ is a full mocking framework for C and C++ on Windows. It support Visual Studio 2005 and onward in 32 and 64 bit. It can mock every function call: instance or static, global, private and public, virtual and non-virtual. It has the ability to fake all the methods on an object or type, or just some methods, leaving others with the real implementation. It can assert method calls an count how many calls were made on these functions. And it can simulate parameters that are returned by-reference. All this without changing the code under test, or prepare it for testing.

Does Typemock Isolator++ improve developer productivity?

Since Isolator++ allows writing tests for "untestable code", you now have the ability to debug unit tests, which is quicker than debugging a whole application. You can test untestable scenario (for example, scenarios that require changing the computer clock, now can be done in code). You can know when code changes break functionality. You get all the productivity boosts of unit testing in an environment that naturally makes you work more slowly.

Does Typemock Isolator++ support C#, VB.NET?

No. Isolator++ works on C and C++ only. For managed .NET languages we have Isolator for .NET, which is not just a "mock everything" framework in .NET, but also has a SmartRunner, visual coverage, test code completion and test rule book.

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