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InfoQ Homepage News Apple Offering Microsite about UI Design for iOS 7

Apple Offering Microsite about UI Design for iOS 7

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Apple is offering registered iOS developers a new microsite collecting in a central location videos, documents, and whitepapers about User Interface design for iOS 7. The new site aims at providing developers with the necessary information "to build polished, engaging, and intuitive apps for iOS 7."

The site collects a few fundamental documents for iOS development, including:

Besides this, the site lists a selection of videos from 2013 Apple World Wide Developer Conference or Tech Talks which are considered particularly relevant in the context of UI design for iOS 7:

The above material is just a selection of material that the Apple developer site offers. In particular, the Apple Developer site makes available to registered developers all session videos from WWDC 2013, where iOS 7 was presented and more UI related videos can be found exclusively there:

According to Darrell Etherington writing for Tech Crunch, the new Apple microsite, though not offering any new material, can help developers refine their products and provides non developers with a look at how Apple views iOS 7 app design and which UI traits are specially relevant to it.

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