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InfoQ Homepage News Preconference Workshops and CSP+ Retreat at Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014

Preconference Workshops and CSP+ Retreat at Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014

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Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014, kicked off 10th July in Hyderabad with three preconference workshops.

Agile Innovation Games – Converting Ideas into Action

Rahul Sudame, Director of Engineering and Agile Practice Head at Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd, gave workshop on agile innovation games. Innovation games were focused on increasing the collaboration between team members and stakeholders.

Kanbanize your team… boost your team productivity!

This workshop was given by Sudipta Lahiri, Head of Engineering at Digité. In this workshop he explained basic concepts of kanban, its practices and benefits with examples from IT and non-IT organizations.

Agile Leadership – Workshop

Various Agile Leadership traits, tools and techniques were covered by Syed Nazir Razik, Vice President Marketing at PMI Chennai Chapter and M.Parvez Alam, Assistant Manager - Technical & Business Development at UCAL Fuel Systems Ltd.

After those workshops, in the evening we had CSP+ Retreat. Retreat started with the introductions and ignites session on Listening Skills of Scrum Masters given by Arne Ahlander, CST. He differentiated good and bad listening skills.

He explained why good listening skills are important for Scrum Masters and then mentioned some points to understand your listening habits like not to be opinionator, grouch, the preambler, perseverator, answerman or pretender. 

Next session was the open discussion within small teams to brainstorm on promoting CSP certification. Participants discussed and came up with some ideas like promoting scrum alliance user groups, increasing awareness in HRs and Learning and Development departments to encourage employees in becoming CSP. Some delegates said to share case studies of successful scrum implementation in organizations, on scrum alliance, mentorship program by existing CSPs to help CSMs in becoming CSP. We ended up with good thoughts.

Last session was a unite session on Power of Positivity by Madhur Kathuria, CSC, Director Agile Consulting Xebia India. Madhur talked about increasing the positivity in teams. He took an example of wars and participants wrote some points, which came to their mind first while thinking about war. From the list Madhur removed all the negative thoughts and remaining list looked like behavioral traits of scrum team for example collaboration, proud, discipline, focused etc. Session ended with dinner, which was the closure of the first day.

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