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CoreOS Launches the CoreOS Enterprise Registry

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CoreOS has announced the acquisition of and the launch of the CoreOS Enterprise Registry, a private, behind-the-firewall Docker registry, based on hosted service.

CoreOS, the startup building a new Linux distribution targeted to run Docker containers and build distributed applications in a large number of servers, creates this solution for companies that want to run their own Docker registry. It includes user management, with access control lists and LDAP support, a rich UI, the index for search capabilities, and tools to group together teams within an organization and assign permissions to them so they can work together. The service also includes the ability to trigger container builds on each Github commit, and automatically build and push the containers to the private registry. is an alternative to the default Docker Hub, both offering free public repositories and private ones for a monthly fee. The primary difference of the new Enterprise Registry service is that it runs on the user servers, behind the firewall.

InfoQ has talked to Alex Polvi, CoreOS CEO, about the launch of Enterprise Registry:

We want to offer a complete solution to companies interested in containers and warehouse scale computing. Part of running your applications in this new world involves interacting with a registry. We want to make sure our customers have one vendor they can work with that offers solutions, not just components, to build with.

Enterprise Registry will be included for customers of the CoreOS Managed Linux offering, an enterprise service that includes support, updates and premium management tools to simplify the use, maintenance and update of the operating system, so they can run their own Docker registry.

For those wanting to try the service, is giving away six months of the "Yacht" plan, a $50/month plan that includes 20 free private docker repositories, to the next 1000 users that sign up for the hosted service.

CoreOS will continue to invest in the hosted service while developing the new Enterprise Registry. The company also uses this acquisition to add the developers to the team, and add an office in New York City to the existing San Francisco headquarters, preparing for a team expansion in both West and East Coast.

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