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InfoQ User Survey 2014 - Participate and Get a Copy of the Results; Win a QCon Early Access Pass

In 2012, InfoQ conducted a readership study which received close to 3,000 responses - we received some great feedback from you about your topical interests, occupational background, and how you interact with the site.The results & findings from our 2012 survey were published on InfoQ for the community to see.  We need your help again this year as we look to gather results for our 2014 InfoQ User Survey.  Survey participants will receive a copy of the results and are eligible to win one, free QCon early access video pass.

Here are some of the questions from the 2014 survey

  • Importance of technologies like Big Data Analytics, Hadoop, Event-Driven Architecture, in your organization
  • Mobile development issues that are important to you (Native vs. Web; iOS/Android Platform Support, etc.)
  • DevOps Culture: Practices for successful adoption and change
  • Your top 3 sites for getting news and information on software development
  • Ways in which you read InfoQ (mobile vs. desktop) and share site content

As before, we will publish the general results on InfoQ several weeks after the survey closes. Here are a few examples of some of the results that came out of our 2012 survey:

  • Continuous Integration, Scrum, and Refactoring were the three most popular practices being used for Agile projects
  • 38% of respondents were implementing or planning to implement private, public, or hybrid clouds in the next 12 months
  • 33% of respondents were building mobile enterprise/business apps; 32% of respondents were building mobile applications for consumers
  • Key/Value stores and document stores were the two most popular NoSQL databases (when asked what people were interested in learning more about)

(Note: The 2014 InfoQ user survey is anonymous and your individual replies will be kept confidential.) 

About the QCon early access video pass

Winner of the QCon early access video pass will be emailed and announced on Twitter @infoq.  The early access pass gives the recipient instant access to all filmed presentations at an upcoming QCon.  


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