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InfoQ Homepage News WebStorm 9 Supports Meteor, React and Polymer

WebStorm 9 Supports Meteor, React and Polymer

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WebStorm 9, JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA-based IDE, comes with a number of new features and enhancements, including support for Meteor, React, Polymer, PhoneGap, Ionic, and others. 

An important feature is the support for Meteor, a framework for building client or server-side JavaScript applications. The IDE provides Meteor project templates, syntax highlighting, code completion, limited navigation and integrated running plus debugging of both client and server-side code.

WebStorm 9 also includes support for the React library and its accompanying JSX syntax, consisting of code completion for both React components and embedded JavaScript code, the usual syntax highlighting, and a limited form of navigation and refactoring.

The third framework that gets incipient attention in WebStorm 9 is Polymer with syntax highlighting, custom elements imports, polyfills and layout attributes.

WebStorm 9 is integrated with a number of hybrid mobile frameworks: PhoneGap, Cordova and Ionic, enabling building, running in the emulator and deploying apps on iOS or Android.

spy-js has been enhanced to support the debugging of Node.js apps, including child processes and EcmaScript 6 features such as generators and yield. Node.js apps are automatically updated through hotswap or server restart when the code changes.

Other features arriving with the latest JavaScript IDE from JetBrains are: Integration with Gulp for running or debugging tasks, Dart pub server integration, support for ESLint and JSCS (code style checker), enhanced CSS3 support, and Scratch files for for playing with code.

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