JetBrains Updates All Their .NET Tools Starting with ReSharper 9

| by Abel Avram Follow 9 Followers on Dec 05, 2014. Estimated reading time: 1 minute |

JetBrains has announced new RTM versions for their .NET tools, including ReSharper 9, dotTrace 6, dotCover 3, dotMemory 4.2,  dotPeek 1.3 and TeamCity Add-in 9.0. JetBrains has created a single installer and platform for these tools. When attempting to install ReSharper, developers are presented with the option to install other .NET tools which will share the platform.

ReSharper 9.0

Some of the new features in ReSharper 9.0 are, in short:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2015 Preview. ReSharper 9.0 still supports older versions of Microsoft’s IDE (2010, 2012, 2013), but support for VS 2005 and 2008 has been discontinued.
  • Partial support for C# 6.0 starting with the Null-conditional Operator “?”. ReSharper analyzes existing code and converts it to use “?”, removing multiple null checks and simplifying it.
  • Automatic old code refactoring to use expression-bodied function members, applying changes at the file, project or solution level.
  • Support for getter-only auto-properties
  • Support for exception filters
  • Support for regular expressions
  • New navigation commands: Go to Action, Navigate to Exposing APIs
  • Better support for JavaScript and TypeScript: over 50 quick fixes, new templates for TypeScript and code generation options
  • Bulk imports
  • The possibility to turn some features off to reduce CPU and memory consumption
  • others

dotTrace 6.0 has a new timeline profiler for collecting call stack and thread state data to use in analyzing UI freezes, excessive garbage collection, I/O operations, sync delays and others. It supports VS 2015 Preview.

dotCover 3.0 adds unit test coverage for remote code. It is integrated with ReSharper 9.0 and supports VS 2015 Preview.

dotMemory 4.2 is a minor release meant to be integrated with the other tools in supporting VS 2015.

dotPeek 1.3  is another minor release meant to support integration with ReSharper 9.0

TeamCity 9.0, JetBrain’s CI server, adds project setting synchronization with the VCS, Build Time Report, Unicode support, favorite builds and others. This version is still in EAP but the Add-in 9.0 has been integrated with ReSharper.

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