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InfoQ Homepage News Amazon Adds Managed Email and Calendaring Service to AWS Portfolio

Amazon Adds Managed Email and Calendaring Service to AWS Portfolio


Amazon announced the launch of Amazon WorkMail, a managed business email and calendaring service. This is the latest addition to its enterprise offerings which has services including Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkDocs (formerly Zocalo) and AWS Directory Service.

As a managed email and calendaring service, Amazon WorkMail is fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange. It is tightly integrated with Amazon WorkDocs, a file share and sync platform. Its support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync makes it easy to configure standard mail clients including Microsoft Outlook. Apart from a fully-functional web interface, customers can configure a variety of mobile email clients to access their mails and calendar on the move. The maximum message size including attachments cannot exceed 30MB. WorkMail supports encryption of data through customer managed keys through its integration with AWS Key Management Service. For compliance and control, customers may provision mailboxes in any of the supported AWS regions. WorkMail can be pointed to an existing corporate directory service, including Microsoft Active Directory and AWS Directory Service. The service supports migration of existing domains to WorkMail. It comes with DKIM capability to secure mail and attachments from malware, spam, and viruses. Through mobile device management feature, administrators can remotely manage mobile devices to enforce policies and perform remote wipe operation on lost devices. Amazon WorkMail ships with a migration tool to move existing Microsoft Exchange mailboxes. The service is charged at $4/user/month to host a 50GB mailbox. The WorkDocs bundled mailbox that offers additional storage comes at $6/user/month.

According to the official blog post, customers have access to all of the usual email features such as calendaring, calendar sharing, tasks, contact lists, distribution lists, resource booking, public folders, and out-of-office messages.

The service is available in preview mode in the US East and Europe regions. Interested customers can request access through this form.

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