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InfoQ Homepage News ASP.NET 5: Three More Betas Planned

ASP.NET 5: Three More Betas Planned


The roadmap for ASP.NET 5 includes three more betas between now and November’s release candidate. And that’s after dropping several important items from the planned release.

Warning: many of the links from the roadmap will not work unless you sign-in to GitHub first.

Beta 6 – July 27, 2015

Beta 6 is scheduled to be released next week. This includes support for the .NET 4.6 and the .NET Execution Environment (DNX). This will include improvements in “response buffering and caching” and support for distributed caching using SQL Server.

Beta 7 – Aug 24, 2015

In August we can expect to see the second to last beta with the long awaited support for Linux and OS X. This will be based on .NET Core, which is the cross-platform alternative to the full .NET Framework.

Beta 8 – Sep 21, 2015

The final beta is September marks the end of new feature development. Features for this release include changes to missing property handling during model binding.

RC 1 – Nov, 2015

The first release candidate should ship sometime in November. If all goes well, this means RTM will be in Q1 of 2016. However, developer feedback may necessitate additional release candidates and push that date back further.

Post-RTM Plans

Visual Basic, SignalR 3, and Web Pages 4 have been pushed back to Q3 of 2016. That means VB developers will have to wait for 12 to 15 months before they can develop for cross-platform ASP.NET.

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