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Updated Management 3.0 Program

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Happy Melly team has been working on Management 3.0 licensing. Happy Melly and Management 3.0 facilitators met in an annual meetup, where facilitators discussed workshop content and materials, and how to take the concept and training forward with new initiatives, exercises and marketing methods.

Jurgen Appelo, CEO at Happy Melly and author of the book Management 3.0, mentioned that Happy Melly team is now implementing solutions, which will improve immensely the Management 3.0 learning and certification process.

Requests for online learning were growing. We wanted to find a way to assemble a platform for collocating both Management 3.0 events and distributed online activities.

Jurgen shares following new initiatives proposed by the Happy Melly team:

  1. This summer, the team will start publishing content on an online learning channel, which will become an integral part of their work on new content modules. This work will include making videos, writing articles, and other learning materials for students.
  2. It will become possible to get a Management 3.0 license after fully completing an online learning program. This online program will include exercises that people have to do with others.
  3. Students will publish their results online with a blog post, a recorded video, or a Google document, etc.
  4. They issue a Practitioner Certificate for people who successfully finish a pre-defined set of modules. In the future, they may differentiate between the Core Modules, Project Management modules, HR modules, etc, each with their own certificate.
  5. With a Practitioner Certificate for the Core modules, anyone can get a Management 3.0 facilitator’s license. They will start publishing reviews and ratings of the workshops on their website.
  6. They will also ask facilitators to create more in-depth case studies about the customers where they are coaching and consulting or about their own organization where they work.
  7. There will be a peer-evaluation system of facilitators. They will be asked to credit each other for their case studies, answers to questions, availability in hangouts, sharing experiences at Management 3.0 retreats, etc. The ones who are credited regularly by their peers will get a badge on the website, which will boost their profile and credibility.

By focusing on collaboration, learning and peer-evaluation, we stay true to the nature of Management 3.0.

Louise Brace, content writer, blogger, editor at HappyMelly, recommends the role of Management 3.0 business coaches is to teach methods in how to motivate employees, improve employee engagement and work productivity, and boost job satisfaction in the workplace.

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