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InfoQ Homepage News QCon San Francisco 2015 (Nov 16-20): Track Topics Announced

QCon San Francisco 2015 (Nov 16-20): Track Topics Announced

Track topics for QCon San Francisco 2015 been finalized and published to the conference website. Registrations for the event - which has been completely sold out for the past four years - are up 200% compared to the same time last year.

After much debate, the committee for QConSF, which includes awesome engineers from the Bay Area and beyond have aligned on the tracks which will make up QConSF. This year we are expanding QConSF from 15 tracks to 18. Which means, you will have 15 more awesome sessions! Picking 18 tracks out of all the possible ideas is done over 4 weeks of debate and idea generation. Tracks are now live on the QConSF homepage, but here is a quick peek at what you'll find this year:

  • Architecting for Failure: Your system will fail. Take control before it takes you with it.
  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About: Silicon Valley to Shanghai these are architectures you want to know about. 
  • Browser as a platform (Realizing HTML5): Success targeting the browser. 
  • Containers in Practice: Disruptive Technology at Micro Scale: Build resilient, reactive systems one service at a time.
  • Culture Reimagined: Lessons on building highly effective organizations. 
  • Design Thinking: Level up your approach to problem solving and leave everything better than you found it.
  • Full Stack JavaScript: Javascript is Everywhere. Learn why... 
  • Modern CS in the Real World: Real-world Industry adoption of modern CS ideas. 
  • Modern Languages in Practice: The rise of 21st century languages: Go, Rust, Swift. 
  • Mythbusting - Performance, Scalability, Security: Lessons on the reality of performance, scale, and security. 
  • Not Your Father's .NET: .NET has gone open source. This isn't your father's .NET
  • Optimizing You: Keeping life in balance is always a challenge. Learning lifehacks
  • Org Hacking: Our most innovate companies reimagining the org structure
  • Pushing Java to the Next Level: Modern, lean Java. Focuses on topics that push Java beyond how you currently think about it.
  • Real-World Machine Learning / Data Science: How to start using machine learning and data science in your environment today. Latest and greatest best practices.
  • Streaming Data @ Scale: Spark realworld innovations with data!
  • Taming Distributed Architecture: Reactive architectures, CAP, CRDTs, consensus systems in practice
  • The Dark Side of Security: Lessons from your enemies

Last year's event - which featured talks from companies like Facebook, Netflix, Google, eBay, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Airbnb and Google - brought together over 1,200 practitioners. Full coverage from last year's event can be found here. Registration is $1,795 ($700 off) for the 3 day event until Aug 8th, and increases afterwards every month.

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