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F# 4.0 Released for All Platforms

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Joining the arrival of Visual Studio 2015, the Microsoft created functional language F# has made its 4th release.  The changes to the language include a lengthy list of new features, bug fixes, and language additions combined with some performance improvements.  Joining this are several changes that improve VS2015’s handling of the language to ease debugging and editing.

Microsoft makes a point of noting that version 4 was developed publicly with strong community involvement.  As previously noted, approximately a quarter of the contributors are affiliated with Microsoft—the rest are outsiders. As noted by the Visual F# team, there is a minor bug in VS2015 whereby F# 4.0 RTM is incorrectly labeled Visual F# 2015 RC.  If VS2015 RTM is installed with F#, you are getting F# 4.0 RTM.  The full release notes provide complete details on version 4, which corresponds to the changes made through commit dd8252e.

Existing F# developers can watch a quick overview video provided by Microsoft’s Lincoln Atkinson that describes some of the new F# 4.0 features.  Those new to the language may want to start with the resources at the F# Software Foundation or TryF#.

Developers looking to get involved with F# 4.0 have several routes to choose from.  Windows developers will probably find that installing VS2015 RTM is the fastest route.  Those on Windows who would like to contribute to F# development or use non-VS2015 tools can make use of the Visual F# repository.  Interested developers on non-Windows platforms should direct their attention to the Open Edition of F# and its corresponding GitHub repository.  Changes and additions flow from the Visual F# repository to the Open Edition repository, but care is taken so that the two projects do not diverge intentionally or otherwise.

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