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InfoQ Homepage News Facebook Parse Adds New Platforms to its IoT SDK

Facebook Parse Adds New Platforms to its IoT SDK

Parse for IoT, the line of SDKs that Parse announced at F8 2015, has been extended to include support for four additional microcontrollers.

The new supported microcontrollers are: Atmel’s SAM D21 + WINC1500 adapter, Texas Instruments’ CC33200, Intel’s Edison, and Broadcom’s WICED. Parse for IoT initially supported Arduino Yún and Raspberry Pi.

Parse is based on a schemaless JSON-based document store, which makes it really straightforward to start using it, as the following example for Arduino shows:

ParseCreateObject create;
create.add('currentTemperature', 175.0);

The more generic C SDK that targets Linux and other RTOS platforms provides a somewhat lower-level interface to the REST API:

char data[] = '{ \'currentTemperature\': 175.0 }';
parseSendRequest(client, 'POST', '/1/classes/TemperatureReading', data, NULL);

According to Parse, a number of companies have already used their SDK to build diverse products, such as:

  • Freight Farms’ LGM: a system that enables managing food production from a remote location by “tracking air and water quality, monitor crops anytime through live, in-farm cameras”, etc.
  • Musaic: a wireless HiFi system that syncs music, lighting and more.
  • Trignis: a BBQ monitoring system through smoke sensors.

Other hardware products that have integrated the Parse SDK include Chamberlain, makers of garage door openers; Milestone Sports, who make Milestone Pod, a wearable running tracker; and Roost, makers of smart batteries for smoke detectors.

In keeping with Parse recent decision of open sourcing their SDK, all of the IoT modules, which are written in C or C++ depending on the target platform, are available on GitHub. A specific repository hosts the C++ Arduino SDK.

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