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GitLab 8.7 Released

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GitLab version 8.7 has been released, adding numerous features and creature comforts along with some minor performance improvements.

Version 8.7 comes exactly 30 days after version 8.6, keeping up with the schedule of minor releases on the 22nd of each month. The newest version adds support for setting due dates on individual issues and displays all times in the local timezone of the user, rather than UTC. Issues and merge requests can now be filtered by multiple labels, rather than just one at a time., the hosted version of the platform that provides free private repositories was upgraded in under 30 minutes. Likely it is the largest GitLab installment in the world, so developers can expect to upgrade their own installations in substantially less than 30 minutes.

Unlike GitHub, GitLab is open source, so many of the new features were done by members of the community. For example, the new ability to cherry pick a merge request was done by Minqi Pan who works for Alibaba in China. GitLab CEO Sytse Sijbrandij told InfoQ that "More than 1,000 people have contributed to GitLab."

We think makes sense that software that enables collaboration has a license that anybody to contribute to it.

Version 8.7 is one of the biggest minor releases, with well over 100 features and fixes. Existing users can easily update their installation and new users can download the latest version. Sijbrandij says that version 8.8 will "add a container image registry and deployment pipelines."

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