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InfoQ Homepage News Vue.js 2.0 Released, Slimmed Down and Sped Up

Vue.js 2.0 Released, Slimmed Down and Sped Up

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Version 2.0 of the up-and-coming JavaScript framework, Vue.js, has been released, offering a refreshing change of pace in the frenetic world of JavaScript.

In a blog post, Vue creator Evan You says version 2 offers significant performance benefits while maintaining its svelte download size:

The rendering layer has been rewritten using a light-weight Virtual DOM implementation forked from snabbdom. [This] provides significant performance improvements compared to v1, and makes Vue 2.0 one of the fastest frameworks out there.

According to the 1.0 to 2.0 migration guide, "About 90% of the API is the same". Unlike the dramatic change seen from one version to the next with some JavaScript frameworks, with Vue 2.0, "the core concepts haven't changed".

Beyond just the core library, the vue-router and vuex libraries have been updated to version 2 and the vue-cli tool scaffolds projects in 2.0 format by default.

When version 2 was first announced, You said that filters were going away. That stance changed over time and text interpolation filters were left in. Indeed, the filter documentation says "Vue 2.x filters can only be used inside mustache bindings. To achieve the same behavior inside directive bindings, you should use Computed properties instead." The framework doesn't ship with any filters built-in and array filters (ones that whittle down an array based on criteria) have been deprecated.

Because Vue isn't primarily built by a large technology company, You has taken a different approach to funding. He is able to work on the project full-time thanks to a Patreon he set up which lets people pledge a certain amount on a monthly basis. As of this writing, the Patreon funnels $8,853 per month towards the continued development of Vue. In addition to You, there are 18 other people on the Vue.js core team.

The community responded in a mostly positive way saying, "Vue is much leaner than ng2" and "I find Vue 2.0 as something between Angular 1 and React. It's modern and really easy to learn and use".

Vue has published a comparison guide that shows how it differs from other frameworks such as Angular and React.

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