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InfoQ Homepage News AWS Mobile Hub Improves Support for Serverless Apps, Authentication, and More

AWS Mobile Hub Improves Support for Serverless Apps, Authentication, and More

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AWS Mobile Hub has introduced three new features to simplify the provisioning of serverless app backends and improve sign-in and authentication options.

Serverless backends have been supported by AWS Mobile Hub since its introduction through its AWS Lambda-based Cloud logic component. Now, Cloud logic does not only allow developers to integrate existing AWS Lambda functions with their mobile apps, it also allows them to create new AWS Lambda functions and Amazon API Gateway endpoints meant to expose the former through a scalable API. In particular, Amazon says, this new feature seamlessly integrates with AWS Identity and Access Management to create an IAM role for the API to restrict its use to authenticated users.

Additionally, AWS Mobile Hub also extends its sign-in options, to include support for email and password authentication – including ready to use flows for sign-up/sign-in and password recovery process, multi-factor authentication, etc. – and SAML-compliant authentication providers. Previously, Mobile Hub only supported authentication through Facebook or a custom identity system.

AWS Mobile Hub is a tool aimed to provide an integrated console to help developers select high-level AWS-backed features they would like to use in their mobile apps, such as data storage, provided by Amazon S3; notifications, provided by Amazon Simple Notification Service; analytics, provided by Amazon Mobile Analytics, etc. Once developers have selected a set of features, AWS Mobile Hub is able to generate sample apps for iOS or Android that integrate the required services and that can be immediately built, tested, and monitored within AWS Mobile Hub. AWS Mobile Hub is in itself free to use; developers are charged for their use of AWS services.

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