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InfoQ Homepage News RedHat Announces Support for Azure, .Net Core 2.0 and SQL Server 2017

RedHat Announces Support for Azure, .Net Core 2.0 and SQL Server 2017

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Microsoft and RedHat recently announced support for Windows Containers in Red Hat OpenShift. The main scenario this announcement targets is to make Linux and Windows containers work in the same cluster. This enables enterprises with mixed environments to migrate towards a container based infrastructure without needing separate clusters for Windows and Linux. Support for Windows containers is expected to be available as a technology preview in spring 2018.

RedHat Openshift is a container management platform built on top of Kubernetes. OpenShift is distributed through several models:

  • OpenShift Online: multi-tenant, cloud-based container platform, managed by Red Hat
  • OpenShift Dedicated: single-tenant, cloud-based container platform, managed by Red Hat
  • OpenShift Container Platform (formerly OpenShift Enterprise): package to install on self-managed hardware

In addition, two packages are available for development and test purposes:

  • OpenShift Container Local : part of the Red Hat Developer Program, for individual developer workstations
  • OpenShift Container Lab : deploy OpenShift for extended evaluation, proof of concepts and pre-production use cases

Support of OpenShift Dedicated for Azure is also part of the announcement. It is expected to be available early 2018. This support complements the Container Platform package, already supported on Azure.

Red Hat also announced support for .Net Core 2.0 in both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift. .Net Core 2.0 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available through yum and container images.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift also gain support for SQL Server 2017. The general availability of SQL Server 2017 is planned for October 2, 2017.

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