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InfoQ Homepage News TriggerMesh Announces EveryBridge Serverless Event Bus

TriggerMesh Announces EveryBridge Serverless Event Bus

Recently TriggerMesh announced EveryBridge, a event bus that can consume events from various sources, which can be used to start serverless functions that are running on any of the major cloud providers as well as on-premises. EveryBridge is provided as part of the TriggerMesh SaaS-based serverless management platform.

An event bus implements a publish-subscribe pattern between applications and systems. A publishing system creates an event whenever something of interest happens, for example, when someone changes a setting, creates an object, or the system performs actions like scaling up or down. Subsequently, the event bus catches these events and routes them to the various receivers who have subscribed to those messages. In order to accomplish this, the payload, headers, and "envelope" of the message are used to implement this routing, ensuring that each system receives only the events in which they are interested.

With TriggerMesh, it is possible to implement a cross-cloud event bus, which can be triggered by events from a wide variety of applications, including VMware vSphere, IBM MQ, SAP, and custom implementations. Once triggered it is then possible to start one or more serverless functions running on a Functions as a Service (FaaS) provider. As the official product page explains further, this can be used to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Consume events from AWS services like SQS, Kinesis, CodePipeline, DynamoDB using the KLASS event sources
  • Consume events from Kafka, Google Cloud, GitHub and GitLab
  • Map events to local functions, Kubernetes services or Public cloud function offering like AWS Lambda and Google CloudRun
  • Persist your events and use the underlying messaging substrate of AWS Kinesis, Azure Event Hub and Google PubSub

By providing this cloud-agnostic implementation, TriggerMesh strives to provide a portable solution while preventing lock-in to a specific cloud provider. TriggerMesh provides the capability to receive messages originating from one cloud, and send these for processing to another cloud, or even on-premises through integration with Kubernetes.


The EveryBridge project joins a currently expanding product space that is focused on finding an effective solution for allowing actions and datato cross multiple cloud providers' boundaries. The TriggerMesh team are doing this alongside other similar efforts, such as the KEDA platform, which allows running FaaS implementations within Kubernetes on any platform in an event-driven manner. Alternatively, endeavors such as CloudEvents focus instead on providing a standard schema for events across cloud providers, allowing to communicate in a homogenous way across boundaries. The EveryBridge service is currently in preview through TriggerMesh's early adopter program and is part of its serverless management platform.

Next to EveryBridge, there are other providers of event buses as well, such as Azure Event Grid and Amazon Simple Notification Service.

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