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InfoQ Homepage News Couchbase Mobile 3 Brings New C and Kotlin APIs, Simplified Administration

Couchbase Mobile 3 Brings New C and Kotlin APIs, Simplified Administration

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NoSQL database maker Couchbase has released Couchbase Mobile 3, its edge-ready mobile database, introducing a new C API to embed Couchbase Lite on embedded platforms, Kotlin support on Android, a new administration REST API, and security enhancements.

Couchbase Mobile is a NoSQL database solution that can run in the Cloud, at the edge, and on mobile devices. It aims to bring data closer to where it is used, thus reducing access latency in comparison to Cloud-based databases. Additionally, says Couchbase, Couchbase Mobile 3 can work in offline-mode transparently to the user.

Couchbase Mobile 3 uniquely ensures data integrity by automatically synchronizing data across the entirety of an organization’s edge and mobile infrastructure, with or without internet connectivity.

At the heart of Couchbase Mobile lies Couchbase Lite, an embeddable and syncable database engine that is available both in a Community and Enterprise edition on a number of platforms, including iOS, Android, .NET, and Java.

With its latest release, Couchbase Mobile adds a new C API around it to make it possible to embed Couchbase Lite on almost any embedded platform. Developers can build their apps in C directly or leverage C compatibility with almost any language, including Python, Dart, Go, etc., and use their programming language of choice.

On the Android Platform, Couchbase Mobile 3 brings support for Kotlin through a new idiomatic Kotlin API, including nullability annotations, named parameters, and asynchronous event handling through Kotlin Flows. In addition to Kotlin, Couchbase also supports Swift on iOS and C# on .NET.

Couchbase Lite has also got support for textual SQL-like queries based on the N1QL query language, which brings it on a par with Couchbase Server. This allows developers to reuse the same SQL-like queries both on the client and the server.

Besides functional features, Couchbase Mobile 3 also introduces a number of features aiming to simplify its administration and to improve security. Specifically, the new Sync Gateway 3.0 introduces a new administrative REST API that enforces authentication and role-based access control by default. This enables secure access to the admin API from external clients using HTTPS instead of more complex setups based on SSH tunnels or firewall rules.

The new admin REST API allow users to configure a number of additional features, including cluster-wide Sync Gateway databases, access control policies, inter-Sync Gateway replications, etc. Sync Gateway 3.0 additionally supports user-defined Extended Attributes (XATTRs) for Access Control Metadata, which greatly simplify the management of access right.

Couchbase Mobile 3 can be downloaded from Couchbase website.

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