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InfoQ Homepage News AWS Increases the Availability and Reliability of Amazon EventBridge with Global Endpoints

AWS Increases the Availability and Reliability of Amazon EventBridge with Global Endpoints

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Recently, AWS introduced a new capability called global endpoints for its serverless event bus service Amazon EventBridge to improve availability and reliability.

With Amazon EventBridge, developers can build event-driven applications that can route generated events from custom applications, integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, and AWS services to various targets like AWS Lambda and other SaaS applications. 

Since the GA release, the company invested in the service by adding features such as a Schema Registry, Archive and Replay Events capabilities, API Destinations, and cross-region event routing. The latest addition to the service is global endpoints, which provide a more straightforward and more reliable way for developers to improve the availability and reliability of event-driven applications.

Stephen Liedig, a principal serverless specialist solutions architect at AWS, explains in an AWS Compute blog post what the feature is:

The feature automatically allows you to failover event ingestion to a secondary Region during service disruptions. Global endpoints also provide optional managed event replication, simplifying your event bus configuration and reducing the risk of event loss during any service disruption.


Developers can easily set up global endpoints by selecting their primary and secondary regions from the regions where global endpoints are available. Next, they can use the AWS Management Console or the APIs to create an endpoint and archive their events in the backup region to ensure that no events are lost during a disruption. Finally, developers can update their applications to publish events to the global endpoint once the global endpoint has been created.


Siva Palli, a product manager for Amazon EventBridge, stated in a tweet:

Replication is built-in so that customers can minimize the data at risk during these service disruptions. When a failover occurs, consumers in the secondary region have an up-to-date state of processed events or the ability to replay messages delivered to the secondary region.

Currently, global endpoints are available US East (Ohio and N. Virginia), US West (Oregon and N. California), Canada (Central), EU (Stockholm, Paris, Ireland, Frankfurt, and London), Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Osaka, and Sydney), and South America (Sao Paulo) AWS regions.

Lastly, global endpoints are provided at no additional cost and are currently only available for custom events. Custom events published to the global endpoint are billed per the custom events pricing. Additionally, customers are charged an additional fee for replication per existing cross-region pricing. For pricing details, see the pricing page.

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