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InfoQ Homepage News MicroStream Debuts Eclipse Store Java Persistence Framework at Eclipse Foundation

MicroStream Debuts Eclipse Store Java Persistence Framework at Eclipse Foundation


MicroStream, an open-source Java native persistence framework, recently released Eclipse Store, hosted by the Eclipse Foundation.

This first release contains two core components from MicroStream, its Serializer and StorageManager restructured as Eclipse Serializer, and Eclipse Store, respectively. Version 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT of Eclipse Store is available in the Maven Central snapshot repository.

In December 2022, MicroStream announced its Eclipse Foundation membership and began preparing code for the migration based on MicroStream 7.1, the latest version at that time, and as such, the minimum JDK version for the first release of Eclipse Store is JDK 8. Changes from MicroStream versions 8.0 and 8.1, which included support for Lazy collections and other significant improvements, will be available in the next release of Eclipse Store. After this migration, MicroStream will further develop only on Eclipse Store.

Notable migration changes include group, artifact, version, and package name changes to reflect the Eclipse Store project's new home under the Eclipse Foundation (org.eclipse.*). Most of the changes for this first release stemmed from restructuring Serializer and StoreManager.

MicroStream Serializer, one of the crucial aspects of its technology, is responsible for converting object graphs into a binary representation. This custom serializer was restructured to Eclipse Serializer.

MicroStream StoreManager, one of its fundamental components responsible for providing access and managing the in-memory data store, was restructured into Eclipse Store. It provides all the necessary APIs to store and retrieve the Java objects from the database. Eclipse Store uses Eclipse Serializer when objects are persisted into the MicroStream's embedded database.

While the above two components underwent substantial restructuring, MicroStream's integrations with Spring Boot, Quarkus and Jakarta EE frameworks will remain open source and be available in a new MicroStream repository after being refactored to use the new Eclipse Serializer and Eclipse Store.

Eclipse Store can be used as a dependency with Maven as:


All MicroStream storage targets are available within Eclipse Store.

Another noteworthy mention is that MicroStream's Enterprise Serializer solution and MicroStream Cluster will stay closed-source.

First introduced in 2019, MicroStream was open-sourced under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) in 2021. In 2022, Micronaut and Helidon incorporated MicroStream into their codebase. MicroStream joined Eclipse Foundation in the same year. In 2023, MicroStream released MicroStream Cluster and MicroStream Cloud. MicroStream publishes a major release every 12 months.

For more information about the new features and improvements in MicroStream, developers and users can refer to their official blogs.

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