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InfoQ Homepage News Grails 6.0 Released: Embracing Modern Java, Enhanced Micronaut Integration, and More

Grails 6.0 Released: Embracing Modern Java, Enhanced Micronaut Integration, and More

The Grails Foundation has released version 6.0 of Grails, delivering a minimal JDK 11 version; support for Spring Framework 5.3.28, Spring Boot 2.7.12, and Gradle 7.6.1; the debut of Grails Forge UI, a starter project similar to Spring Initializr, and others; and enhanced integration of the Micronaut Framework.

This release highlighted the decision to update to Java 11 in Grails 6, driven by factors such as Java 11's LTS status, stability, and widespread adoption in the Java ecosystem. This empowers developers with the latest language features, performance improvements, and enhanced security offered by Java 11. Grails 6 also sets the path to Java 17, with plans to include support in the next major release.

In addition to embracing modern Java, Grails 6 incorporates the latest updates of Spring and Spring Boot, offering new features and optimizations such as Kotlin coroutines support, WebSocket improvements, and Jakarta persistence integration. The update to Gradle 7.6.1 ensures compatibility with the latest libraries and dependencies. Moreover, the introduction of the new Grails Forge UI revolutionizes the web development experience for creating and managing Grails projects, offering a modern and efficient user interface.

Enhanced integration with the Micronaut Framework is another highlight of Grails 6. The Grails framework has long provided integration with Micronaut, and Grails 6 further enhances this collaboration. Developers can now enjoy even better Micronaut integration, promoting code reuse and reducing redundancy between Grails and Micronaut components. This includes the ability to inject Micronaut beans into Grails services and utilize Micronaut's declarative client for consuming RESTful APIs.

Grails 6 continues to build on the principles of "Don't Repeat Yourself" (DRY), simplifying the complexity of web application development in the Java space. The release includes contributions from various developers, reflecting a collaborative effort to push the framework forward. Both new and experienced developers will find value in exploring the latest features, such as the support for Java 11 for release, and even simple adjustments like the removal of incorrect test descriptions, which contribute to a more streamlined and efficient development process.

Nonetheless, Grails 6 continues to build on the concepts that have made it a standout in the field of web development frameworks. Its commitment to embracing modern Java, staying current with technological trends, and offering a dynamic and modern approach to Java web development, makes it a noteworthy release. The enhanced integration with Micronaut, the introduction of the Grails Forge UI, and the active community involvement further solidified Grails' position in the Java community.

Upgrading to Grails 6 offers numerous benefits, including enhanced developer productivity, future-proofing applications, performance gains, and seamless migration paths. It's a collective journey that invites developers to elevate their applications and embark on a path toward creating innovative and scalable web applications.

Developers who want to try out Grails 6.0 can leverage the official documentation and find details on changes and improvements on the GitHub releases page.

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