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InfoQ Homepage News Docker Desktop 4.27 Brings Docker Init GA with Java Support, Synchronized File Shares, and More

Docker Desktop 4.27 Brings Docker Init GA with Java Support, Synchronized File Shares, and More

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Docker has released Docker Desktop 4.27. This version brings Docker Init to "generally available" (GA) with Java support, synchronized file shares, support for TestContainers with Enhanced Container Isolation (ECI), Docker Build Cloud, Docker Debug and more.

Docker Init, initially released in beta in Docker 4.18, is a CLI command designed to make it easy to add Docker resources to any project by "initializing" or creating the required assets and scaffolding. Docker 4.26 added support for PHP, and now Docker 4.27 has added support for Java. The list of supported languages now includes Go, Node.js, Rust, and ASP.NET.

To create the assets automatically, it is only necessary to run the command docker init within the folder of the target project, and this will automatically create the dockerfiles, compose, and .dockerignore files, based on the characteristics of the project.

Synchronized file shares is an alternative file-sharing mechanism aimed to solve the challenges of using large codebases in containers with virtual filesystems. According to Docker, this feature boosts 2-10x the file operation speed through the use of synchronized filesystem caches. Beyond the users who have large repositories, users who are using virtual filesystems such as VirtioFS, gRPC FUSE, and osxfs, or are experiencing performance limitations can benefit from this feature.

Docker Desktop 4.27 introduces the ability to use TestContainers with Enhanced Container Isolation (ECI). ECI provides a new layer of security to prevent malicious workloads running in containers from compromising the Docker Desktop or the host by running containers without root access to the Docker Desktop VM.

Docker Build Cloud is a service designed to allow users to build container images faster, both locally and in CI. The native builds (for AMD64 and ARM64 CPU architectures) run in the cloud and use a remote build cache, aiming to ensure fast builds anywhere and for all team members.

Docker Debug Beta is a CLI command designed to help developers find and solve problems faster, it provides a language-independent, integrated toolbox for debugging local and remote containerized apps. To get started, just run docker debug <Container or image name> in the Docker Desktop CLI.

In Docker 4.26, the Docker Builds view became GA. This is a simple interface in Docker Desktop designed to give users visibility of active builds currently running in the system, enabling the analysis and debugging of completed builds. Every build started with docker build or docker buildx build will automatically appear in the Builds view. From there, it is possible to inspect the properties of a build invocation, including timing information, build cache usage, Dockerfile source, log access, etc.

Since Docker 4.26, users can create containers in the cloud with Docker Desktop and Microsoft Dev Box. To start using Microsoft Dev Box, users must go to the Azure marketplace and download the public preview of the Docker Desktop-Dev Box compatible image.

More details about the news of the Docker Desktop can be found in the release notes.

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