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Agile Work Cheatsheets Posted

Scrum Trainer Mishkin Berteig of has updated his useful one-page cheatsheets to help teams and leaders in this inspect-adapt approach to process improvement.  The new versions cover many aspects of Agile teamwork and management.  Berteig also uses Agile with non-software teams, so his cheatsheets focus on teamwork and process, and contain no software terminology at all!  The cheat sheets are:
  • Agile Work Cheat Sheet
  • Cheat Sheet for Agile Work Process Factilitators
  • Cheat Sheet for Agile Work Retrospectives
Although Agile work can be summarized quickly, practitioners know that the challenges are endless.  The work of software itself requires application and discipline. In addition, the Agile empirical approach to process requires constant attention to many factors: individuals, teamwork, customers, management, space, tools, information flow. 

This empirical approach takes place on many scales, wherever expectations are set before the work is done and verified after it is done; summed up by Berteig as "Test Everything".  Test-Driven Design (TDD) applies it at the atomic level of unit-tests, daily status meetings apply it on work-day cycle, iteration and project retrospectives keep teams on track, and management tests align project participants and lets the team knows their success criteria.   These rhythms are a key aspect of the Agile approach.

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