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Agile Topics at SD Best Practices 2006

This year's SD Best Practices conference will take place in Boston, September 11-14. This conference brings together the industry's top experts to present up-to-date, relevant, practical material. The conference features over 175 classes, tutorials, case studies, roundtables, panels, keynotes and Birds-of-a-Feather gatherings in seven focused conference tracks, all of which include valuable input from important teachers in the world of Agile software development:
  • Build & Deploy,
  • C++,
  • Design & Architecture,
  • People, Projects & Teams,
  • Process & Methods,
  • Requirements & Analysis,
  • Testing & Quality
With five registration options, and discounts for students, teams and early bird registration, the organizers have made an effort to keep the conference financially accessible.

There will be a keynote by Tom DeMarco, entitled Quick or Dead: Organizational Velocity for an Impatient Age:
Tom DeMarco offers a new and chilling look at the way slow organizations work and often fail to work, as well as a practical prescription to turn them around and make them hum. He confronts major complaints of this impatient age: late projects, work forever in catch-up mode, the paradox that in an era of "Hurry Up," companies are slowing down, sometimes almost grinding to a stop. Most of all, he points toward a unique approach to achieving true organizational velocity.
This year, fully 40% of sessions will be about Agile practices or by Agile practitioners, though some of the session descriptions explicitly mention Agile methods while others do not. Of course, what really counts is the quality of the speakers, and these include some of the most experienced and respected members of the Agile community.

Build & Deploy

(113) The Psychology of Build Times: Keeping the Tests Fast Enough Jeff Nielsen
David DeWolf
Benefits of the Build Kirk Knoernschild
Agile Java Development with Spring, Hibernate and Eclipse b Anil Hemrajani
Refactoring Databases: Evolutionary Database Development Scott Ambler
Object/Relational (O/R) Mapping: Critical Skills Every Developer Needs Scott Ambler
Collaborate, Integrate, Test, Deploy: Essential SCM Practices for Teams Steve Berczuk

Design & Architecture

(107) Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD): Scaling Agile Methods Scott Ambler
(114) Object Oriented Principle of Component Design Robert C. Martin
(115) Design Patterns: From Theory to Practice Alan Shalloway
Clean Code Robert C. Martin
Introducing Problem Frames Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
The Art of Telling Your Design Story Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Getting from Use Cases to Code, Part 1: Use Case Analysis William Nazzaro
Emergent Design: Design Patterns and Test Driven Development Alan Shalloway
Agile Architecture Granville Miller

People, Projects & Teams

(116) Agile Estimating and Planning Mike Cohn
(117) Coaching Your Peers and Your Staff to Excellence Johanna Rothman
Extreme Hiring: A Radical New Approach to Finding the Best Programmers Brian Robertson
Alexia Bowers
What Makes Successful Organizations Tick? Neil Harrison
Introduction to Holacracy: A Framework for Agile Leadership and Decision Making Brian Robertson
The Compleat Agile Developer Robert C. Martin
Organizational Patterns: Beyond Agility to Effectiveness, Part 1 Neil Harrison
Organizational Patterns: Beyond Agility to Effectiveness, Part 2 Neil Harrison
The Role of the Customer Team in Agility Dan Rawsthorne
Building An Elite Development Team - EnvisionWare Special Forces Robert Walsh
Creating Change one Tic-Tac at a Time Alistair Cockburn
Jeffrey Fredrick
CIO Playbook Hubert Smits
Transitioning Very Large Companies to Agile Methods Robert C. Martin
Project Economics: Selecting and Prioritizing High Value Projects Mike Cohn
There’s Always Time for Pragmatic Software Project Planning Robert Galen
Managing Small Projects Stephane Lussier
Balancing the Best of Both Worlds: Traditional and Agile Software Project Management Sonja Koppensteiner
Cheryl Allen

Process & Methods

(109) Overview of Scrum Dan Rawsthorne
(119) A Brief Tour of Responsibility-Driven Design Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Using Agile Processes and Modeling To Build Applications Anil Hemrajani
David Berman
Bringing Agility to the Rigid World of State MMIS Projects Shailesh Patel
Gary Cummings
Jeff Nielsen
Bob Payne
Implementing Scrum in the Real World Michael Vizdos
Agile Project Planning in Non-Agile Environments Peter Schuh
Managing Technical Risk With Agility and Patterns – A Developer’s Perspective Alan Shalloway
Agile Project Execution in Non-Agile Environments Peter Schuh
Introduction to Software Product Line Development Methods Charles Krueger
Eclipse Process Framework -an Open Source Process Initiative Per Kroll
Scaling Agile Beyond Teams: Flow, Pull, and Innovate Jean Tabaka
Alex Pukinskis
Selecting a Development Process: Choosing Among the Leading Alternatives Mike Cohn
Buffer-Based Planning: Refining the Plan for Each User Story Patrick Welsh
Brian Robertson
Multi Level Planning in Agile Environments Hubert Smits
Second Generation Agile Software Development Processes Granville Miller
Perils and Pitfalls of Agile Adoption Carl Erickson
Update on the Unified Process: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Definitely Something Blue Scott Ambler
The Agile/Waterfall Cooperative Michele Sliger
Practical Process: Best Practices Susan Burk
Open Unified Process (OpenUP) Distilled Per Kroll
Brian Lyons
Making your Methodology Crystal Clear and More Alistair Cockburn
PANEL: Selecting a Development Process  

Requirements & Analysis

(120) Agile Requirements Workshops: Essentials for Planning, Design, and Facilitation Ellen Gottesdiener
(121) Scenario-Driven Development Granville Miller
Requirements by Collaboration: A Workshop Approach to Defining Needs Ellen Gottesdiener
Writing Effective User Stories for Agile Requirements Mike Cohn
Do the Right Things: Practical Guidance for Adapting Requirements Practices Ellen Gottesdiener
PANEL: Use Cases: Uses and Abuses
Use Cases for Non-Geeks Huet Landry
Writing Effective Use Cases for Projects Both Agile and Otherwise Alistair Cockburn
Self-documenting modeling workshops: tools for "virtual whiteboard" warriors Susan Burk
Sara Gladu

Testing & Quality

(123) Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Storytest-Driven Development: A Beginner's Guide Joshua Kerievsky
A Cup of "T": Making the Test in Test-Driven-Development Work for You Neil Harrison
Web 2.0 Acceptance Testing Tools and Techniques Jeff Nielsen
Bob Payne
PANEL: Tough Problems in Test-Driven Development
Test-First GUIs - The Model-View-Presenter Approach Robert Walsh
Exploratory Testing Michael Bolton
Pragmatic Usability Testing James Hobart
Getting Started with Test-Driven Development Using C++ Robert Walsh


Getting Started with Test-Driven Development Using C++ Robert Walsh

This year's Program Schedule is searchable, so you can look for subjects of particular interest - search by day, track, session format, speaker and/or keyword.

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