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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Agile Project Management Planning and Budgetting

Presentation: Agile Project Management Planning and Budgetting

Managers have been planning projects for years. Suddenly we are talking about collaboration and self-organization. What happens to the plan? Agile methods are empirical: plan it, do it, evaluate, plan again. To keep teams rolling, good planning is critical. David Hussman's JAOO presentation reviews practices for planning a project, a release, an iteration.

Watch Agile Project Managment Planning and Budgetting (83 minutes)

David Hussman has mentored and coached agile teams all over the world for the past five years. Software developer in a variety of domains from digital biometrics to education, leader at workshops and speaker at conferences, he has contributed to several books ("Managing Agile Projects" and "Agile in the Large") and is the co-owner of SGF Software which provides strategic Agile consulting services for companies looking to transition to Agile.

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