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InfoQ Homepage News Improving Processes in Small Settings

Improving Processes in Small Settings


In Improving Processes in Small Steps Jon Erickson overviews how the the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is forming the IPSS Working Group (IPSS is short for "Improving Processes in Small Settings."). The goal of this working group is to explore software process improvement (SPI) in small settings to understand the challenges; develop strategies and guidance to overcome the challenges; and to transition the guidance into small organizations through cost-effective means. 

From a positive point of view, with IPSS, the  SEI seeks to increase awareness of process excellence as an enabler to global competitiveness, demonstrate effective approaches to process improvement for the small business, and provide tools for process improvement that are easily applied by small businesses.

From a more cynical point of view, it looks as if the SEI has recognized that the agile community has staked out a very large "process market segment" which the SEI hadn't bothered with: at least until now.

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