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InfoQ Homepage News How many production sites run JSF?

How many production sites run JSF?

JSF is often questioned about how far it's adoption goes, particularly given all the competition from open source web frameworks. Despite many books, community sites and even being part of the Java EE 5 standard, critics say JSF is being imposed on the community by Oracle and Sun (and now JBoss via SEAM), as opposed to being a framework whose popularity is due to widespread use in real projects. 

Addressing the perception of adoption, JSF co-spec lead Roger Kitain has started a wiki page listing known public sites using JSF.

It turns out that there are hundreds of public sites on the web obviously using JSF technology. We don't know how many non-obvious JSF sites are out there, nor how many intranet sites are using JSF. For example, reports from Sun's client solutions department indicate that major banks in the German Banking industry are using JSF for customer facing deployments, but due to the secretive nature of IT in the financial world, we cannot name names.

The current list includes those from JSF Central and also a list derived from google searching for sites with /faces/ or "index.jsf" in the Urls:

Have you deployed a production JSF app? Show your support by adding a link to your site from the wiki!

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