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Fun: The Truth about Scrum Revealed

High Moon Studios creates games for next-generation consoles, and perhaps are best known for their original game DarkWatch. High Moon's innovative development methods and employee programs have been recognized by the San Diego Society for Human Resource Management with a 2005 Workplace Excellence Award and IT Week Magazine as one of 2005 Top 50 Technology Innovators.

The company is "founded by game veterans who are passionate about creating compelling, original entertainment experiences". They've been using the Scrum methodology to get things done - and shared a rare insider's view of an Agile team in an appropriately passionate video clip. No longer available in streaming mode, you can still download the 90-second video . Warning: contains violence and people telling the truth about each other, which may be disturbing to some viewers.
Makes one think, perhaps this t-shirt isn't so far off the mark :-)

For the more faint of heart: Noel Llopis, lead technical architect at High Moon Studios, blogged the more prosaic "Day in the Life" of the Scrum team he leads (or herds, whatever).  It looks like they are also using Extreme Programming practices. The entry has pictures, if you're in a hurry.

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