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InfoQ Homepage News Implementing SOA with JEE 5 and JBI Paper Published

Implementing SOA with JEE 5 and JBI Paper Published

Sun has published a technical article, "Implementing Service-Oriented Architectures
with the Java EE 5 SDK"
, a 65-page PDF. The article, written by Gopalan Suresh Raj, Binod P.G., Keith Babo, and Rick Palkovic, provides an introduction to JEE 5, JAX-WS, JBI and BPEL and shows how a JEE service engine deployed into a JBI container  connects a piece of business logic, implemented as a JEE web service, with a BPEL service engine and an HTTP/SOAP binding component to implement a service-oriented composite application.

JBI (Java Business Integration), wich has been standardized by JSR 208, has wide industry support, the expections being IBM and BEA (who initially supported the JSR, but then withdrew) and Microsoft (who for obvious reasons do not support any Java-connected SOA standards). There is still some discussion as to whether SCA (Service Component Architecture), whose major backers are IBM and BEA, complements or competes with JBI.

The JBI container discussed in the article is OpenESB, which extends the Reference Implementation of JSR 208.

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