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InfoQ Homepage News Is Ruby Ready for the Enterprise?

Is Ruby Ready for the Enterprise?

Brad Banister of Enterprise Open Source Magazine takes a look at whether Ruby is ready for the enterprise in an article focused at developers and IT managers who are considering using Ruby in an enterprise environment. Banister presents a brief introduction to Ruby, and puts forward the pros and cons of Ruby as an enterprise technology. On the down side, Banister notes:
[Ruby has] seen limited adoption in enterprise environments. Many still consider it to be a leading-edge technology that lacks support for some common enterprise integration technologies. There's also a lack of "best practice patterns" for implementing an enterprise solution with Ruby.
But on the plus side:
[Ruby is] well suited to acting as "glue code" in integrating applications. Scripting languages got their start as a way to coordinate tasks rapidly and flexibly between processes. It follows that Ruby should be capable as a technology for integrating components and services in the enterprise.
Banister then continues to look at how Ruby and Rails fit together and how Ruby can integrate with existing JMS messaging systems and SOAP-powered services.

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