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InfoQ Homepage News OpenLaszlo Legals Preview Compiles to DHTML

OpenLaszlo Legals Preview Compiles to DHTML

The OpenLaszlo project has had a lot of attention in the Java community, being one of the first solutions for building rich internet applications via compiling XML apps into Flash SWF files. The OpenLaszlo team have just released their first preview of their next generation platform code named OpenLaszlo Legals, the goal of which being to turn OpenLaszlo into multi-runtime platform by supporting compilation into both Flash and now DHTML, as depicted below:  Final release is scheduled for December 2006.  

OpenLaszlo currently generates script source that is compatible with ECMAScript Release 3 which is then compiled into SWF6 through SWF8 ActionScript. Legals adds additional compile support for SWF 9 and DHTML. The initial release supports Javscript 1.4/Jscript 5.6,  Firefox 1.5 and IE 6. Future releases will support Javascript 1.5. The Legals page also has a link to a picture explorer sample application that has been compiled to both Flash and DHTML. Carlos Perez blogged last week that the DHTML support was reportedly based on the dojo toolkit.

According to the project plan, they are also considering compilation targets to XAML/Windows Presentation Foundation, but that would be in the distant future.   Read/Write web has a great article summarizing the current status of OpenLaszlo,  Adobe Flex, and Windows Presentation Foundation, all of which take a form of XML dialect and convert them into browser-based rich internet apps.

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