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SOA 2.0

by Stefan Tilkov on May 19, 2006 |
According to an Infoworld article, Gartner and Oracle, not content with the SOA concept, have created "SOA 2.0" as a label for a more advanced SOA approach. According to Gartner analyst Yefim Natis, the most important distinction between the two is that SOA 1.0 is client/server-driven, while SOA 2.0 is event-driven.

The notion of a new term was not universally greeted with enthusiasm. "I'm shocked, SHOCKED to see Gartner promoting new buzzwords just as the world starts to get a handle on the previous generation of their buzzwords." wrote Microsoft's Mike Champion in a posting to the Yahoo! SOA group.

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Shocked? ! :-) by Deborah Hartmann

Heck, that's the thing about buzzwords... they're new! The old buzzwords lose their, well, buzz. And we need new ones all the time, or we go into NEWS deprivation, lol :-)

Just think, wikipedia would totally stagnate without new buzzwords! lol

Re: Shocked? ! :-) by John Harby

Gartner is still using any and all possible means to pawn their "Event-Driven Architecture".

SOA and Web 2.0 Not playing well together by paul browne

On the surface SOA and Web 2.0 would be a perfect fit - Ajax from Web 2.0 consumes the XML offered by SOA , all in the clients browser.

Problem is , due to (good) restrictions in the browser about javascript calling 3rd party websites, you need to proxy the SOA available through your own web server.

Not only does this add traffic to your web server, but you might as well consider other approaches (e.g. convert your SOA info into JSON Javascript objects on your web server) to take advantage of the fact you have to proxy anyway.

Paul ,

SOA is not a product! by Mark Richards

Gee, I wonder when the first bundled SOA Product will appear? This is not good news...SOA is an architecture approach that can be implemented in many different ways and many different levels, be in event-driven, web-service-based, client-server based, etc. I certainly will not be using the versioned term. SOA is SOA.

Re: SOA is not a product! by Jason Carreira

No, it's not. SOA is not an architecture approach, since it's not even well defined yet. It's a buzzword which is thrown onto nearly everything, so means nothing. SOA 2.0 = 2 X 0 = 0.

Re: SOA is not a product! by John Harby

What exactly do you mean "SOA Product"? SOA is an integration technology so I'm not really sure where the BEA suite (or others for that matter) fail to be "SOA Products".

Re: SOA is not a product! by John Harby

Well, look at the state of OO when the term was coined. I don't think the experts in that area considered it "well defined" either even 10 years after its inception but it was still useful. I agree on SOA 2.0 however, just more marketing hype.

Re: SOA is not a product! by Mark Richards

Actually John, I was being sarcastic when I said "SOA Product". It is a frustration born of having technology concepts wrapped into products, and hence having the technology defined by the product (as opposed to the other way around). Fortunately SOA has quite a big community following (see CBDi), so I can't imagine this "SOA 2.0" stuff being taken too seriously.

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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