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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Book: Enterprise SOA Adoption Strategies

InfoQ Book: Enterprise SOA Adoption Strategies

In the lastest book in the InfoQ series, Capgemini CTO and SOA standards body member Steve Jones argues that for SOA to succeed we must move our thoughts away from the implementation technologies and towards the "what" of the business. Steve explains how to construct an overall business service architecture.

Download (free non-printable PDF):  Enterprise SOA Adoption Strategies. The print version is also available for purchase for $27.95.

The book covers:
  • Defining the Business Service Architecture
  • How to classify services for business value and delivery
  • Understanding the role of IT in supporting the architecture
  • How project and portfolio management needs to change
  • How to use a Service Architecture to identify KPIs
  • How and when to use Business Process in a service architecture
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