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InfoQ Homepage News Danube Releases ScrumWorks v1.8

Danube Releases ScrumWorks v1.8

ScrumWorks is a free java application with optional browser user interface, used by Agile software teams to plan and manage releases, iterations and individual tasks inside each iteration.  It uses the lightweight management practices of the Scrum methodology to enable team self-organization and maximize productivity with minimal process overhead.

Enhancements in ScrumWorks 1.8 include:
  • Added Product Import, to bring an existing project into the tool.
  • Revised Product Export, to get data out to other tools (for example, to integrate with organizational reporting).
  • Task estimate history is now editable.
  • Uncommitted Backlog Items can be left unestimated.
  • Significant performance enhancements.
ScrumWorks handles various configurations of teams and projects:
  • Single team working on a single project
  • Single team working on single product and multiple releases simultaneously
  • Single team working on many projects
  • Multiple teams working on a single project
  • Multiple teams working on many projects
The ScrumWorks features set includes:
  • Product Backlog and Release Management
  • Categorization of Backlog items using Themes
  • Sprint Task Tracking for Teams
  • Charts and Reports
  • Impediment Tracking
  • User and Team Manager
  • Excel Import/Export
  • Web Services API
  • Automated and Manual Database Backups
Danube Technologies, a provider of Agile training and consulting based in Bellevue, Washington, makes this software available to the Agile community,  free of charge, including a wiki Knowledgebase addressing user issues.  And, in keeping with the Scrum process, Danube accepts feature requests and bug reports from end users, incorporating them into their development release schedule.

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