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    Ajey Gore on Small Teams Making a Big Difference and Effective Outsourcing

    by Hugo Messer Follow 1 Followers on  Sep 17, 2018

    Ajay Gore will talk at the upcoming Agile Impact conference in Indonesia on his experiences working across multiple cultures, outsourcing for the right reasons and how small teams who have end-to-end responsibility for their products enable scaling and growth.

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    Respect Your Organisational Monoliths

    by Margo Cronin Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 18, 2016

    There is a lot of information about DevOps, the technology, the culture, the behaviour. There is not a lot of information about tackling DevOps in large enterprises and there is certainly very little about tackling DevOps in large financial organisations. This article presents lessons learnt rolling out DevOps in a large insurance organisation.

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    Outsourcing Software Development to a Global Talent Pool: World of Help or World of Hurt?

    by Yousef Awad Follow 0 Followers on  May 16, 2016 4

    Going offshore for software development: world of help or world of hurt? When outsourcing software development the country options are endless: India, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, and on and on…. what’s the right choice? The decision-making process is not easy and it shouldn’t be. Yousef Awad presents a checklist of key elements to consider.

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Q&A with the Authors on "Requirements: The Masterclass LiveLessons-Traditional, Agile, Outsourcing"

Posted by Rui Miguel Ferreira Follow 4 Followers on  Apr 17, 2016

InfoQ interviewed Suzanne and James Robertson on the "Requirements: The Masterclass LiveLessons - Traditional, Agile, Outsourcing" to get further insights into some of the topics addressed.

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Build Your Own Offshore Development Team - or Not?

Posted by Yousef Awad Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 06, 2016

When you absolutely positively MUST build your own offshore dev team to get the quality you need, consider NOT. The author knows what it takes to do it right, and it isn't easy. 3

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"Outsourcing is Bad": Why Good Vendors Agree

Posted by Yousef Awad Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 14, 2015

Today all companies are software companies and all software must be coded right and coded fast. The author explains why this isn’t possible with yesterday’s outsourcing model and proposes alternatives


Total Talent Management: A Systems Approach to Agility

Posted by Jas Chong Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 27, 2015

Core HRM responsibilities normally apply solely to standard company employees. Total talent management aim to do HRM for the total workforce, including temporary workers, contractors and consultants.


Shipping-to-Partner or Partnership?

Posted by Henk Woolschot Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 11, 2015

Due to globalization and supply chain management, a single company cannot operate on its own anymore. This article provides models to help you to get insight in the relationships with your partners.


How to Remain Agile When You Have to Sign a Contract?

Posted by Paweł Bejger Follow 0 Followers , Peter Horsten Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 29, 2015

This is a case story of how a supplier cooperated with a client to develop a huge project in an Agile way, by cutting it into smaller pieces and prepare a matching contract based on mutual trust.


Three Steps to Success in Delivering Your Offshore Project

Posted by Andy Jordan Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 11, 2014

When you are dealing with a team of people who are separated from you, working together during project planning and recognizing that you both share the same concerns increases the chances of success.


How to Select the Right People

Posted by Zhenya Rozinskiy Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 22, 2014

People are not widgets that can simply be fitted to a specific spot and just work. Zhenya Rozinskiy covers steps required for building remote teams and shares his own experiences.


Working Together, Sitting Apart

Posted by Hugo Messer Follow 1 Followers on  Oct 05, 2014

This article is the first article in a series on managing remote teams, which shares experiences in developing a process for remote collaboration.