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We don’t do that here by Joseph Flahiff Posted on Aug 01, 2014 Do you need to make these three key shifts to unlock your agility? Since the early 1900s the 3Cs have ruled management practice. Do the 3Cs rule your organization, or are you FIT? The answer will determine your ability to deliver your ability to adapt and compete in today’s fast moving markets. 1

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Jesse Fewell on Growing PMI using Agile by Jesse Fewell Posted on Mar 18, 2010 The session is an experience report that tells the PMI Agile Forum story in chronological order. First, we briefly tell the story about how the PMI Agile Forum got chartered by PMI. Second, we tell the story about how we decomposed the organization’s launch into several phases. Finally, we tell the story of how the organization has decided to manage its operational backlog going forward. 4

Mike Cottmeyer on the Agile PMP by Mike Cottmeyer Posted on Jan 12, 2010 Mike tackles the assumptions behind traditional project management and explore a more agile approach to managing time, cost, and scope. He addresses the PMI Processes and Knowledge areas and explore how to adapt them to agile projects. He presents practical tips they can implement today to begin building a culture of agility.