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  • How Open Source Can Pave the Path Towards a Staff+ Role

    Open source contributions and long-term community engagement can help you on your path to a staff+ engineer role. Written communication skills are key for the async and remote work which is common in open source. Your contributions should be aligned with business needs, which can give you visibility that opens up career possibilities. Alex Porcelli presented at QCon London 2022.

  • Becoming a Staff Plus Engineer: Leadership and Communication Training Matters

    The poor industry support for engineers who want to pursue a technical career affects them; many outstanding technical individuals find themselves forced to seek a management position. The path to a staff plus engineer role is not straightforward. Training on leadership and communication for staff plus engineers can help them to become a better tech leader.

  • Five Behaviours of Successful Staff Plus Engineers

    Staff plus engineers act as technical leaders to have a bigger impact. Their ability to get things done goes beyond their individual capacity to grow and mentor others. The tech industry has moved away from thinking that engineers work individually and collaboration is one of the most important behaviours in a staff plus role.

  • Infinite Representations: an Impossible Thing for Developers

    Developers can face impossible things in their daily work. It’s impossible to directly represent infinity or to hold infinite precision on a discrete physical computer. Storage and representations are bounded. Ignoring or being unaware of this impossibility can lead to bugs or systems behaving differently than expected. Kevlin Henney gave the keynote Six Impossible Things at QCon London 2022.

  • QCon Software Development Conferences: Seven Tracks Not to Miss

    Why are micro-frontends important? How should you optimise your organisational architecture for speed and flow? How to make microservices successful? Have you ever wondered how well-known tech companies can seamlessly deliver an exceptional user experience while supporting millions of users and billions of transactions? Looking for new processes and best software practices?