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Is the Web "Good Enough" for Web Services?

Posted by  on  May 26, 2008

In this presentation, recorded at QCon London, Paul Downey talks about the Web, its architecture and its suitability for creating systems as opposed to the world of SOAP/WSDL-based Web services.

Agile Project Lifecycle: User Stories and Release Planning

Posted by  on  May 21, 2008

In this presentation recorded during QCon London 2007, Rachel Davies, director of Agile Alliance, talks about the Agile development cycle starting with user stories and planning the releases.

Voca, UK's largest payment processing engine running Spring

Posted by  on  May 01, 2008 1

William Soo and Meeraj Kunnumpurath discuss the Voca transaction processing system, architectural challenges and requirements, Voca's Spring/J2EE architecture, and the future SEPA architecture.

Patterns for securing architectures

Posted by  on  Apr 30, 2008

Security is about trade-offs. Only a few have the expertise to design good security. This talk focuses on Security Patterns, such as Role-based Access Control, Single Access Point, and Front Door.

SOA Driving IT from the business

Posted by  on  Apr 14, 2008

In this presentation, recorded at QCon London, Steve Jones explains his ideas on why IT is fundamentally broken, and how business-driven SOA might be a cure.

Ajax and design patterns : Do we need a client tier?

Posted by  on  Mar 20, 2008 1

In this talk, Dave Crane explores ways to apply design patterns to the client tier, how the use of patterns compares with the server-side and examines server-control vs client-control.

Ruby and the Art of Domain Specific Languages

Posted by  on  Feb 22, 2008

Rich Kilmer explains Domain Specific Languages - the difference between internal and external DSLs, implicit vs. explicit styles and the declarative vs. imperative style of Ruby DSLs.

The Business Value of SOA

Posted by  on  Feb 19, 2008

In this presentation Burton Group research director Anne Thomas Manes talks about how to convince a skeptical audience to approve the necessary investment by making the business case for SOA.

Erik Meijer on C# 3.0 and LINQ

Posted by  on  Feb 15, 2008 1

In this presentation from QCon, Erik Meijer discuss C# 3.0 and LINQ with Objects, XML, and relational data. This is a more in depth discussion building on his "Democratizing the Cloud" presentation.

Mongrel, 2500 Lines, and Economics

Posted by  on  Feb 03, 2008 1

Zed Shaw talks about Mongrel and its impact. For companies, the talk contains valuable information about Dos/Don'ts when interacting with open source teams.

Jim Webber on "Guerilla SOA"

Posted by  on  Jan 29, 2008 8

In a very entertaining presentation, Jim Webber debunks myths about the ESB concept and explains how a lightweight approach can yield real benefits without giving in to vendor pressure.

Service Oriented Communication with Windows Communication Foundation

Posted by  on  Jan 16, 2008 5

Christian Weyer provides a practical approach to realizing distributed solutions beyond the hype and 'Hello World'. Learn the basics of WCF and how to solve common problems in distributed systems.

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