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How Startups Get Software Built by Yousef Awad Posted on Aug 17, 2016 For most startups, technology is a critical differentiator—the bridge between a consumer’s pain puddle and a startup’s revenue stream. The software is the thing that gets the idea off the cocktail napkin and into the customer’s hand. How do startups do it right? Fail, pivot, fail, pivot, repeat forever (and do it all FAST). 1

What Do We Know about Software Development in Startups? by Carmine Giardino Michael Unterkalmsteiner Nicolò Paternoster Tony Gorschek Pekka Abrahamsson Posted on Mar 12, 2015 In this article, authors discuss the software engineering practices in startup companies and provide empirical software engineering sources related to their engineering practices. They talk about the process management being agile, evolutionary, and opportunistic. 1