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Microsoft Launches BizTalk Server 2016

by Kent Weare Follow 11 Followers on  Nov 16, 2016

On October 27th, Microsoft launched their 10th release of BizTalk Server. With this release, Microsoft has invested in hybrid and cloud connectivity for BizTalk Server 2016.


TIBCO's ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Emerges Winner In SOA TCO Study by PushToTest

by Jeevak Kasarkod Follow 4 Followers on  Dec 01, 2011 6

PushToTest released the results of their 2011 analysis of SOA development and deployment solutions from IBM, Oracle and TIBCO which declared TIBCO the winner on multiple facets of productivity. PushToTest has published all the details including developer journals as an open source SOA Knowledge Kit. InfoQ spoke to Frank Cohen to unravel the details.


Spring.NET 1.3: VS.NET Solution Templates, MSTest Support and Spring Integration.NET

by Ryan Slobojan Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 11, 2010

A new version of the Spring.NET framework, version 1.3, was recently released. InfoQ spoke with Mark Pollack, founder and lead of the Spring.NET project, to learn more about this release and what new capabilities it brings, and also to learn more about the new Spring Integration.NET project.


TIBCO to support WCF

by Jonathan Allen Follow 655 Followers on  May 05, 2008

TIBCO has announced plans for adding WCF support to its Enterprise Message Service.

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Interview: Joe Walker discusses DWR

by Ryan Slobojan Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 26, 2007 3

InfoQ spoke with Joe Walker at QCon London 2007 about the DWR toolkit. Walker discussed DWR 2.0 including new features such as details about reverse AJAX, the deal with TIBCO, DWR support in IDEs, the integration with Spring, future plans for DWR, and interesting applications of DWR from the very large to the very flashy.


Using TIBCO GI to add Ajax to Struts2 Applications

by Rob Thornton Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 04, 2007

Brian Walsh has a new article up describing how to transform a Struts2 CRUD application into an RIA using TIBCO General Interface. Walsh walks through changing one of the sample Struts2 applications to use some of TIBCO GI's components.


Standardization Proposal for SOAP/JMS Binding

by Stefan Tilkov Follow 5 Followers on  Jan 12, 2007 3

BEA, Sonic, IBM and TIBCO have proposed a standardized SOAP-to-JMS binding, ending a long period of proprietary and incompatible approaches.


Tibco Announces Sponsorship of DWR

by Scott Delap Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 10, 2007

TIBCO Software, Inc. which open sourced their General Interface Ajax Toolkit last year, has announced that they will be sponsoring Joe Walker's development of the popular DWR Java library for writing Ajax applications.


TIBCO Licenses Systinet Registry

by Stefan Tilkov Follow 5 Followers on  Oct 31, 2006 3

EAI vendor TIBCO has announced an agreement to resell Systinet's UDDI registry, making it the third major vendor to do so after BEA and Oracle.


Tibco open-sources General Interface with new beta release

by Rob Thornton Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 12, 2006

Tibco has released a beta of version 3.2 of the Tibco General Interface (GI). Tibco GI is a toolkit that abstracts away the pain of dealing with AJAX development. Tibco acquired GI in 2004 and until now has been a closed-source tool for generating AJAX RIA's for IE 6. Tibco GI's license is a BSD license. Tibco is introducing a dual-license, open-source model with the beta release of version 3.2.