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  • A Look at LiveBindings for C++ and Delphi

    Binding expressions are not a new concept, XAML and Flex developers by them. But outside of C++/CX, which is only used for WinRT programming, it isn’t something that normally seen in native programming languages. Designed for both VCL and FireMonkey, LiveBindings are the exception to the rule.

  • Embarcadero Updates Delphi and C++ Builder, Launches HTML5 Builder

    Embarcadero Technologies launched a major overhaul of its development tools line that includes RAD Studio XE3, Delphi XE3 and C++Builder XE3. The company also launched HTML5 Builder for Mobile and Web app developers. InfoQ spoke with John Thomas, Director of Product Management at Embarcadero.

  • HeadwaySoftware has added support for Doxygen and Understand in structure101 and restructure101

    HeadwaySoftware has recently added support for Doxygen and Understand for C and C++, Delphi and Python programmers in its tools structure101 and restructure101.

  • IBM’s Software Architecture for Astronomically Big Data

    IBM has recently prototyped a software architecture that can deal with large amount of data flows. IBM’s software is built for the SKA telescope (Square Kilometre Array) and allows to automatically classify astronomical objects. Radio astronomer Melanie Johnston-Hollitt at Victoria University, Wellington , NZ, has collaborated with IBM for developing the system.

  • New in RAD Studio XE2: Multiplatform, Native iOS&Android, HD&3D Animation, and Cloud

    Embarcadero is preparing a new release of their RAD Studio XE2 tools which includes Delphi XE2, C++Builder XE2, RADPHP XE2, and Prism XE2, at exactly one year after the initial launch of the XE line on August 30, 2010. This release has many new features, the most interesting being support for cross-platform development, Windows 64-bit, Amazon Cloud API, Native Android and iOS, and HD&3D animation.

  • Previewing the Main Features of RAD Studio XE

    Embarcadero has released a video preview of the main features coming in RAD Studio XE: Subversion support, a PHP IDE, new modeling diagrams. Future previews will include optimizations and automation features, and cloud support.

  • Delphi Prism 2010 Offers Improved .NET Development

    Delphi Prism 2010 comes with major new features like better compatibility with the Delphi language, AOP, support for dynamic typing, and touch features like Range Enum Types, Read-only classes and support for negative low bounds in arrays.

  • Cross-platform Delphi is Back

    Using Visual Studio Shell as a starting point and Mono as a runtime, Embarcadero Technologies has introduced a new version of Delphi for .NET called Delphi Prism. This project is being target towards cross-platform developers who want to bring the .NET ecosystem with them to OS X.

  • The Open Group Releases Draft of SOA Ontology Standard

    The SOA Working Group contributed to the Open Group a draft version of SOA Ontology 2.0. The standard defines a formal ontology for Service Oriented Architecture. The ontology is written in the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and contains classes and properties corresponding to the important concepts of SOA.

  • Delphi to Finally Support .NET 2.0

    In a roadmap posted on the CodeGear site, it has been announced that Delphi.NET will be upgraded to the .NET 2.0 framework. This is a major step for the platform that until recently was thought abandoned.

  • InfoQ Interview: Rich Kilmer on the Power of Ruby

    Rich Kilmer is one of the Ruby world's great conversationalists and storytellers. In this InfoQ exclusive interview, Rich tells us about using Ruby at DARPA, the research arm of the USA's military, plus how he has leveraged a variety of cutting-edge software and techniques such as Flash, DSLs, OWL and semantic web technologies in conjunction with Ruby.

  • CodeGear unveils Ruby on Rails IDE

    CodeGear announced a new IDE for Ruby on Rails development based on Eclipse. Due out in in the 2nd half of 2007, this will enter a growing market of RoR development tools.

  • InfoQ Interview with JBuilder 2007 Product Manager

    CodeGear, a division of Borland, recently announced JBuilder 2007, a Java IDE built on Eclipse. InfoQ sat down with Joe McGlynn, product manager at CodeGear to talk about the new release and and transition to an Eclipse based product.

  • Borland to Sell Java and .NET IDE Business

    Borland is getting close to finding a buyer for it's IDE business which includes JBuilder, Delphi, C#Builder, and C++Builder. The company announced it's intention 5 months ago that it wanted to sell it's IDE tools and Interbase business, and claims to have received 12 enquiries of interest.