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  • Agile Humour: A Wrap Up of April Fools Day 2012

    The Agile community has a great tradition of making fun of itself and April Fools Day 2012 was no exception. Here is a wrap up of some of the best gags from this year that you may have missed.

  • TargetProcess Offers a Free 5-User Community Edition

    TargetProcess has released a free 5-user Community Edition of its Agile project management software. The Community Edition contains the same features as the full edition of the product with two limitations: a maximum 5 users, and no support.

  • Handling Multiple Versions in a Single Project Team?

    Once you're team has released the first version of a product you're faced with the dilemma - how to maintain the first version while continuing to make progress on new releases.

  • Measure Teams, Not Individuals

    Michael Dubakov recently expressed warning against the measurement of individual velocity and individual estimate accuracy. His view: measurement of these metrics not only provides no more useful information than is already available with their team-level equivalents, but may also have a tendency to encourage teams into behaviors that reduce effectiveness.

  • Target Process 2.7: Agile Project Management tool for Distributed Teams

    Target Process 2.7 has been released. Target Process is an Agile Process Management tool that automates many of the tasks associated with an agile project. Notable features in recent iterations include visual iteration planning, program level release planning, individual velocity reports, and more.

  • Target Process Agile PM Tools v2.3 Released

    The TargetProcess planning and tracking toolset is evolving quickly. Since release 2.0, they have added Test Cases bound to User Stories and Test Plans, Subversion Integration for requirement-to-source code and defect-to-source code visibility, People Allocation Management and a public Web Services API, making v2.3 a more attractive solution for large Agile shops.

  • Agile Project Management Tool TargetProcess 2.0 Released

    TargetProcess has released version 2.0 of their agile project management tool, which includes a variety of new features, including a customizable workflows, time tracking, simple search, and release planning with user stories.