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  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 Support for Expression Web

    Microsoft has released an update to Expression Web 4 to support HTML 5 and CSS 3 development. This update, part of Service Pack 1, is only a partial solution; it offers IntelliSense and error-checking support but with only partial preview support. This update also includes expanded support for PHP IntelliSense.

  • Creating Add-Ins for Expression Web 4

    The hallmark of any good IDE is its extensibility. If developers can’t improve their own tools then they won’t see productivity improvements over time. The same goes for web designers, which is why Microsoft’s Expression Web 4 now offers an add-in model based on HTML+JavaScript.

  • Microsoft Offers a Set of Web Development Tools for $100

    In an attempt to lure web developers to its platform, Microsoft has created the WebsiteSpark program which offers a consistent package of Microsoft web development applications plus support and training for 3 years for a fee of $100 paid at the end of the program.

  • MIX 09: Microsoft Announces SilverLight 3, Expression 3, ASP.Net 4, Web-PI, Web Galery and More

    In a breath taking keynote, Microsoft announced its new wave of technologies addressing the needs of Web, Media and RIA development. Bill Buxton and Scott Guthrie demonstrated the new features that bring user experience and productivity to a new level.

  • Scott Guthrie on Web Technologies During MIX 09

    In an interview held by Channel 9, Scott Guthrie talks about MIX 2009, Silverlight 3, upcoming VS 2010 Tools for Silverlight, and Expression.

  • Silverlight 2 Got Tools (RC1) for Visual Studio 2008 SP1

    Microsoft has released Tools (RC1) for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 for Silverlight 2. Among other features, the tools include Visual Basic and C# project templates, intellisense and code generators for XAML, XAML design preview, debugging, and integration with Expression Blend 2.

  • Download Links for Mix08 Technologies

    As Mix08 wound down Tim Sneath published a consolidated list of download links for bits released during the conference.

  • Erik Saltwell on the Value of Designers

    Join InfoQ in speaking with Erik Saltwell about Expression Web and the role of professional designers. Erik is determined to change the way designers are utilized in the application development process.

  • Expression Studio Included With MSDN Subscriptions

    Due to community feedback, Microsoft has decided to make the web designer tools Expression Web and Expression Blend will be available to all MSDN Premium subscribers. Though Expression Blend won't be available until the release of Expression Studio, Expression Web is available for downloading now.

  • Microsoft Announces Expression Studio

    Microsoft yesterday announced Expression Studio targeted at designers or creative professionals. The Expression family of tools generate XAML which is easily consumed within Visual Studio enhancing the interaction between software designers and developers.

  • Microsoft releases Expression Web Beta 1

    Microsoft has released Expresson Web Beta 1, their professional web design product which is meant to fill the roll of FrontPage, which is being retired. Promised features include standards-based web sites, sophisticated CSS-based layouts, extensive CSS formatting and management. The style management features look particularly promising.

  • Microsoft Releases Expression Web Designer First Community Technology Preview

    Microsoft has posted for download the first Community Technology Preview of the new Expression Web Designer. Microsoft Expression is a new suite of tools that work together to enable you to produce user interfaces for web and desktop based applications. It consists of a Graphic Designer, Interactive Designer, and a Web Designer.