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  • OpenCompute and OpenStack Span Hardware and Software Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Solutions

    A number of announcements around open hardware specifications and open source cloud infrastructure and platform software solutions by collaborators in the OpenStack initiative were made in the past 2 weeks. How does all of them stack up together?

  • GigaSpaces Announces Upcoming Release of It's Second-Generation Cloud-Enablement Platform

    GigaSpaces announced the launch of its Cloud-enabled Application Platform for Enterprise PaaS & ISV SaaS Enablement at CloudConnect on Monday, March 7. InfoQ caught up with the GigaSpaces team to take a closer look.

  • jclouds Beta 7 Coming: Interview With Adrian Cole

    The open source, Java-based cloud computing and storage adaptor, jclouds, releases a new beta the end of this month. InfoQ interviewed Adrian Cole, the project lead, for his take on marrying Java to the cloud.

  • GigaSpaces XAP 7.1 EA: Elastic Middleware, Data Querying and Spring 3.x

    GigaSpaces XAP is a distributed application server with an in-memory data grid. The XAP 7.1 release includes a number of themes: an Elastic Middleware Service, enhanced virtualization compatibility, data querying, an updated web-based management application, embedded Spring 3.0, and performance improvements. InfoQ explored this EA release to learn more.

  • Panel: Virtual Panel on Cloud Computing

    In this virtual panel, InfoQ wants to find out from leading cloud experts what are the benefits brought by cloud computing as well as the constraints in using them, what is better to use, a public or a private cloud, is the cloud interoperability needed, what is the difference between providing infrastructure or a platform, and how can a client enforce regulatory compliance.

  • RAM is the new disk...

    Jim Gray, a man who has contributed greatly to technology over the past 40 years, is credited with saying that memory is the new disk and disk is the new tape. With the proliferation of "real-time" web applications and systems that require massive scalability, how are hardware and software relating to this meme?

  • Compass 2.0: Simplification, integration, and performance improvements

    The Compass project, an open source project based on Lucene which aims to simplify the integration of search into Java applications, recently released version 2.0. InfoQ spoke with Compass founder Shay Banon to learn more about this release and about what Compass provides to the Java community.

  • Interview: Rod Johnson discusses the Spring Portfolio

    In this interview from QCon San Francisco, SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson discusses the origins and philosophy of Spring, the Spring Portfolio, Spring Web Flow, Spring Batch, Spring.Net, the partnership with Tasktop Technologies, and community involvement and utilization of Spring.

  • Gigaspaces Launches OpenSpaces Community Portal

    Gigaspaces, a company known for providing software solutions, has launched a new community website GigaSpaces is also allowing individuals and startup-companies under $5 million in revenue to use GigaSpaces products for free of charge under its Start-Up Program.

  • GigaSpaces goes free for small business

    Gigaspaces earlier this month announced that it will now be offering small business free perpetual use of its eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) product. Business with < 5M in revenues can get free licenses of the software platform, in perpetuity. GigaSpaces platform is primarily Java-based but also has .NET clients. InfoQ spoke to Geva Perry from GigaSpaces to find out more.

  • Article: Java Grid, why do we need it?

    Investment banks have often set trends or offer the rest of us a glimpse into the future of our IT infrastructure. Today banks are investing heavily into grid technologies as they continue in their battle for profits. In this article, John Davies shares his experiences on technologies used in finance and why Grid technologies are becoming a new mainstream for high volume, low latency systems.

  • GigaSpaces XAP 6.0:スペースベースアーキテクチャ向けの簡易化SpringベースAPI

    GigaSpaces recently released version 6.0 of it's eXtreme Application Platform (XAP), which is an infrastructure software platform that provides scaling out of applications in distributed environments. InfoQ spoke with Geva Perry and Nati Shalom of GigaSpaces to learn more about this release and the changes that have occurred in this version.

  • GigaSpaces 5.2: Adds support for Spring, .NET, local-views

    GigaSpaces this month released version 5.2 of their in-memory datagrid and space-based architecture suite, now bringing it's capabilities to the .NET world, as well as adding support for Spring, SQL-based continuous queries and local-views, and special support for "slow consumers". InfoQ spoke to GigaSpaces CTO Nati Shalom to find out more.