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  • The ABCs of Agile for Managers

    A new article in CIO magazine spells out the ABCs of agile software development for managers.

  • Avid Agile Adoption Engenders an "Equal and Opposite" Reaction

    An old post on "The Physics of Passion" resonates today, as the methodology argument continues: is Agile an approach worth embracing? Or just the latest flavour of corporate Kool-Aid? Kathy Sierra wrote that being accused of "drinking the Kool-Aid" can be a good thing: a sign that we're developing passionate proponents - and opponents.

  • Adobe Photoshop C3 Team Succeeds with Agile

    "Better quality, plenty of features, fewer nights and weekends: what's not to like?" wrote Mary Branscombe in an interview with CS3 co-architect Russell Williams. Adobe has successfully adopted an iterative development process, leaving waterfall behind. This time they benefitted from a champion, who had successfully adopted iterative processes elsewhere, helping them over the rough spots.

  • Case Study: Developing a Custom Agile Practice Adoption Strategy

    Teams can get sidetracked by process when implementing Agile: they spin, trying to figure out which practices to start with, unsure which will have the biggest impact, or how they fit together. In their InfoQ case study, Amr Elssamadisy and John Mufarrige develop a customized adoption approach to help a team decide where to focus first - an alternative to adoption of pre-packaged methodologies.

  • Selling Agile

    Reginald Braithwaite describes how the art of selling can be applied by those seeking the adoption of agile development practices.

  • InfoQ Article: Transitioning to Agile, Attitude Counts

    When transitioning to agile, success requires a true change in behavior and outlook. Daffyd Rees shares advice on "Cultivating Agile Attitudes" in this excerpt from the Agile Alliance's Agile Development Journal, including "Growing Agile Developers," "Creating Agile Coaches," and "Weeding out Hidden Problems."

  • InfoQ Presentation: Scrum at the BBC

    In this conference talk Andrew Scotland tells how BBC's New Media division, characterized by a lot of uncertainty and emergent software process, decided to use Scrum to more effectively deliver software amidst all that change and uncertainty. Three years later - the difference is significant, and the journey was worthwhile.

  • Scrum and XP from the Trenches - 90 page experience report

    In his recently published "Scrum and XP From the Trenches," Henrik Kniberg gives a comprehensive description of how he implemented a mix of Scrum and XP practices for a development team of 40 people.

  • Experience Report: UK Identity-Fraud Firm uses Agile to Ship in 9 months

    Garlik, a UK based identify-fraud security company shared some of their recent success with Agile in an article on computer weekly. They built their main product, Datapatrol, from concept to completion in just 9 months and attributed their success to Agile practices and having a skilled dev team.

  • Sharing What's Worked: Patterns for Adopting Agile Practices

    Organizations adopting Agile naturally ask these questions; "Where do I start?", "What specific practices should I adopt?", "How can I adopt incrementally?" and "Where can I expect pitfalls?" In this article, Amr Elssamadisy gives a glimpse into an ongoing effort to document Agile practice adoption patterns: Participants at XPday Montreal took a stab at "Simple Design" and "Pair Programming."

  • How does Agile Development Shape Up in 2006? The VersionOne Survey

    VersionOne Software this autumn conducted a global "State of Agile Development" survey, showing that changing requirements and priorities, and time-to-market are drivers in the move to Agile adoption. Companies of all sizes were represented, up to the large global corporations, and every industry vertical, from financial services, health care, and education to video games, government, and defense.

  • Managing Agile Projects - How Hard Can It Be?

    Agile projects emphasize self-organizing teams and tight IT/customer collaboration, but does this relieve managers of their role? Liz Barnett, editor-in-chief at believes it does not... that the manager role remains critical, though Agile does change it. Her recent article on managing Agile projects recommends some practices to focus on when switching to Agile management.

  • Practical Advice for Implementing Scrum

    As Scrum continues to gain momentum, it's not surprising to hear the call for practical help for these many novice teams. Mike Vizdos, a Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile coach with experience in both small and large enterprises, has responded with a site called "Implementing Scrum", using cartoons and straight talk to lay out the basics.

  • Dangers of Agile Adoption

    Siddharta Govindaraj has been noticing what happens as Agile is adopted by more mainstream enterprises. He outlines five points that companies need to watch for when adopting agile processes - and what to do about them.

  • New Book on Lean Software Offers Practical Advice

    In 2003 Mary and Tom Poppendieck adapted the revolutionary principles of Lean manufacturing for software development. Their new book offers a blend of history, theory, and practice, drawing on their experience optimizing the software "value stream". They present the right questions to ask, the key issues to focus on, and techniques proven to work for those implementing a lean software process.