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Eclipse 3.8M1 Brings Java7 Support

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The Eclipse Foundation has released Eclipse 3.8M1, which is the first milestone release with Java7 support. Although there were beta releases available before, it could not be officially called Java7 until after the latter's release, and as such, the recently-released Eclipse Indigo (3.7).

Java7 support will come to Eclipse 3.7.1, which is due to be released in September. The integration builds for 3.7.1 already contain the Java7 support found in Eclipse 3.8M1, which is already supported in IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 and NetBeans 7.0.1

New changes include:

  • Diamond operators suggested by content assist
  • Redundant type literals can be removed and replaced with the diamond operator
  • Content assist can be used to insert types into diamonds
  • Multi-catch can be extended with a "Surround with try/multi-catch", complementing the existing "Surround with try/catch"
  • Multi-catch can be extended with new exception types
  • Exception blocks can be combined into a single multi-catch block
  • Resources closed with try-with-resources can detect thrown exceptions and add to (multi-)catch blocks
  • Strings-in-switch can be converted to a nested if/else
  • The Java7 execution environment has been added for dependency on execution environments

For more information on the new Java7 support, see the what's new page at Eclipse.

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