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Localizing Your Windows 8 App

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In the article “Develop your app for everyone–localize your UI”, Tim Heuer shows how to localize the language of a Windows 8 .NET App along with various tools that can help in the process.

Following are a few of the main points from the article -

And Tools you can use - 

Obviously, globalization goes beyond language localizations and also involves currency, units of measurements, data formats (e.g. address, names) and more. If your Windows 8 App is built on .NET, you can use the capabilities provided by the System.Globalization namespace for some of these aspects. Microsoft’s Go Global Development centre contains a lot of resources regarding globalizing a .NET app, the article-series “Globalization Step-By-Step” being a good starting point. 

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  • Tool to localize windows apps

    by Cosette Malinowski,

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    I recommend to anyone involved in Windows apps localization projects to use this online tool to help them manage their strings translation process:

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