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Android Gets Better with App Translation Service

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Google had showcased a preview of the app translation service in the recently held Google I/O conference. Recently, they officially released the service and is now available for all Android developers. It provides an ability for the developers to purchase professional app translations through the Google Play developer console.

In order to work with the translation service, go through the localization checklist available on the Android developer portal, get your APK and select the languages to target for translation. It is recommended to review the statistics section in the developer console which will display the installation metrics.

The localization checklist document discloses five key aspects which you should take care during the translation process. It includes identifying target languages, locales, finalizing localization design, managing strings, tranlating UI strings in addition to testing the localized app.

You will be able to start a new or manage an existing translation directly from the developer console located at the bottom of the APK section by uploading your app's file of string resources, selecting languages and a professional translation vendor.

The developer console enables you to communicate with your translator and download the completed string files. As soon as you complete localization testing, you can publish your app as an update on Google Play with localized store listing text and graphics. Google has published success stories of those developers who have used preview version of app translation service.

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