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InfoQ Homepage News Digium Open-sources Respoke SDKs for WebRTC and Messaging on iOS and Android

Digium Open-sources Respoke SDKs for WebRTC and Messaging on iOS and Android

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Digium, maker of WebRTC platform Respoke, has introduced open-source SDKs for iOS and Android that aim at making it easier to add real-time audio and video communication support to mobile apps. Furthermore, the SDK includes support for instant messaging and uses push notification in order to work even when running offline or in the background.

According to Digium, providing real-time communication support in a mobile app has traditionally been a complex task requiring a deep understanding of media subsystem integration, codecs, encryption and packetization. Respoke aims to provide an easy-to-integrate solution capable also of handling identity, message delivery, and call signaling.

When using the SDK’s features, developers provide code to handle various events and to select which of Respoke’s features should be available. For example, when making a call on iOS, developers provide a delegate object to handle connected, hangout, and error events:

RespokeEndpoint *endpoint = [client getEndpointWithID:endpointId skipCreate:NO];
RespokeCall* call = [endpoint startVideoCallWithDelegate:self];

Similarly, on Android, the startCall method accepts a RespokeCall.Listener parameter to handle communication events:

RespokeEndpoint endpoint = client.getEndpoint(endpointId, false);
RespokeCall call = endpoint.startCall(this, this, videoView, audioOnly);

According to Digium, the SDKs follows the existing Respoke’s JavaScript library design, yet they “adhere to best practices for iOS and Android”. Both SDKs are available on GitHub and can be installed through CocoaPods or Maven, the package repositories for iOS and Android.

Digium’s Respoke platform is available as a free trial or through pricing plans starting at $10 per month for basic usage.

WebRTC is a free, open project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities to support voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing.

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